Galería Hispánica de Madrid originated with Hispánica de Bibliofilia, a publisher house of original etchings and Artist Books established in 1980. Hispánica de Bibliofilia participated in the first 3 editions of ARCO, in the first 20 Stamp Fairs in Madrid, and in practically all the International Book Fairs of the Palacio de Minería (Mexico City), Guadalajara (Mexico), Madrid, and Frankfurt until 2007. To date, it has published twenty illustrated books and more than five hundred original engravings by some of the most relevant contemporary artists of the world. national artistic scene at that time: Eduardo Naranjo, José Caballero, José Hernández, Joaquín Capa, José Guinovart, Jorge Castillo, Rafael Canogar, Luís Gordillo, Luis Feito, Manolo Valdés, etc.