Francisco Farreras was born in Barcelona on September 7, 1927. After the civil war, he moved with his family to Murcia and later to Tenerife, where he studied under the tutelage of painters Antonio Gómez Cano (1912-85) in Murcia (1940) and Mariano de Cossío (1890-1960) at the School of Arts and Crafts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1941). In 1943 he settles in Madrid, being a disciple of Daniel Vázquez Díaz (1882-1969) and studies Fine Arts at the School of San Fernando in Madrid where he obtains the title of Professor of Drawing in 1949.
In 1951 and 1953 he travels to France, where he has his first approach to geometric abstraction. In the 1960s he concentrated on the production of subtle collages with silk paper, of clear oriental inspiration, while in the eighties he preferred the expressive power of wood that he assembled to a surface.

In 2004 he began a series of experimental works on almost flat surfaces and with a clear intention of synthesis and use of new materials. He works without exhibiting until 2006. Numerous exhibitions will take place in Madrid from that year onwards (he obtains the Medal of the Madrid Association of Art Critics for the best exhibition of 2006). He also exhibits at the Casa da Cerca (Contemporary Art Center, Almada, Portugal), at the Prova de Artista Gallery in Lisbon, at the Van Dyck Gallery in Gijón, at the Miguel Bombarda Gallery in Oporto, Portugal and, again, at the Rieder Gallery in Munich, Germany.

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36 B, 2003

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1070 A, 2015

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