Barceló is a Spanish painter, close to the neo-expressionist movement. A trip to Paris in 1970 allowed him to discover the Art brut style, which left a strong influence in the first works that he presents publicly. In Paris, he formed part of the group Workshop Llunàtic of Majorca. He studied in the School of Decorative Arts of Palma between 1972 and 1973 and continued in 1974 in the Art school of Saint George of Barcelona, abandoning his studies soon afterward. Nowadays, he resides between Paris, Majorca, and Mali, in Bandiagara’s Cliffs.
He started becoming recognized after taking part in the Biennial show of Sao Paulo (1981) and Documenta VII de Kassel (1982), in which Rudi Fuchs presented him; since then, his work has been included in the most prestigious international samples, accrediting him as one of the major revelations of the Spanish art of the eighties.


Lanzarote 62, 2002


Lanzarote 61, 2002


Lanzarote 60, 2002


Anguila en bloque de hielo, 1986

Not available

Lanzarote 40, 2002