Valdés is a leading Spanish painter and sculptor, whose work is featured in museums and foundations around the world: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, China, Finland, Russia, Indonesia, USA, Italy and Israel.
In 1957 Valdés started his career in the Fine Arts School of San Carlos of Valencia, but he abandoned his studies in 1958 to devote his life to painting. In 1964 Valdés formed the group known as “Equipo Crónica” with Joan A. Toledo and Rafael Solbes. Toledo left the group after a year but Valdés and Solbes continued their association with “Equipo Crónica” until the death of Solbes in 1981. Through “Equipo Crónica,” Manolo Valdés participated in over sixty solo exhibitions. In 1989 he moved to New York, where he currently lives and works.
Manolo Valdés has received, among others, the following awards: National Plastic Arts Prize, National Medal of Fine Arts Painting in Spain, Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts of Spain, Chevalier dans l’Ordre du Merite Culturel Monegasque of Monaco and Officier de L’Ordre National du Merit of France.

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Paolo, 2007


Caballero II, 2006


Caballero III, 2006

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Caballero I, 2006


El cubismo como pretexto, 2004


El cubismo como pretexto, 2005