Feito is a Spanish painter and co-founder of the association El Paso. He was a professor of the San Fernando Fine Arts School from 1954 up to 1956, when he left teaching to go to Paris with a scholarship.
After the ’80s, Feito lived between Montreal, NY, and Madrid, finally settling down in between these last two cities.
His first pieces are enclosed into figurative painting, but after experimenting with cubism he got deeper into abstraction. In the beginning, he only used black, ochre and white, but he then evolved to the use of red and, in general, more intense colors.
Most of his pieces have no title and thus are mostly known by the numbers assigned to each.
From all the prizes he obtained, he had a special mention as Officer of the Order of the Arts and Letters of France in 1985.
His work is present in exhibitions and in the most renowned museums of the world: New York, Houston, Toronto, México D.F., Río de Janeiro, Rome, Paris, Switzerland, Belgium, Zurich, Tokyo, Japan, Israel, and more.

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Peñalara III, 2000

Not available

Peñalara IV, 2000

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Sin título, 1962